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A Bit About Us

 We're Super Booth Bros,

Lewis and Mikey are brothers-in-law and the idea was conceived over a a beer (or 4) at a family BBQ, both looking for a new direction after the rona affected both of their working lives, so—Super Booth Bros was born! 

and we love parties


Seriously, we're obsessed. We've been in the event industry for years, Lewis as an event and client manager and Mikey as a Photographer, our passion is making people smile.


Whether you're throwing a wedding, hosting a corporate show, or planning an epic party for your friends, we're here to help you have fun and enjoy your event! We've got years of experience in the industry and tons of ideas to make sure everyone has a great time.


So check out our products and get in touch. Even if we don't do it, we'll find it for you!


Super Booth Bros Logo
Super Booth Bros Logo
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